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 Join me for my up coming book signing release party May 2019!

Up Coming Books

By: Ci Ci Berardi

How To Change Your Life in 30 Days!

Join me on Cita Cita Radio

Cita Cita Radio discuss conversations about people you may know, Or people you would like to know right in your communities!

ci ci and friends

Cita is very interested in helping with our communities information to help those in need of finding help and resources with: Educational funding, Homelessness, Abuse, Legal Assistance, and other community concerns. We record conversations, interviews, speeches, performances from real people with real stories, right from your community.

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We provide  solutions!

We are seeking willing participate  to take an active role in  a conversation about your community.  All  Discussion are Inspiring and Educational.

Scottsdale Team Players

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Bringing Hundreds of Business Owners Together. Mix business with pleasure, while showing love to improve your business expertise, network and opportunities.  Scottsdale Team Players offer partnerships to all members.

Prescott Diamond Retreat

Prescott Diamond Retreat is a beautiful restored home on a private lot. Feeling at home at The Retreat is our goal for all of our guests. At Northern Lights Slumber Weekend Summer Getaway, many girls enjoy tapping into their feminine nature.

So we setup a spa-night theme to give each other facials, paint each other’s nails, or style your hair together.

To make this more fun, you can also get busy by working on a project together. Consider making your own autographed pillowcases—that way everyone can take it home when the sleepover is over as a memory.

Use a small video camera to make a homemade movie of all your memories throughout the night, or write and film a unique one all on your own.

Before heading to bed, end the night with a game of Who Am I. In the game, each girl writes down five things she likes and doesn’t like on a sheet of paper. At the end, everyone puts their list in a basket and takes turns reading one from the list. Everyone can guess who wrote what and talk about their interests and disinterests, allowing them to get even closer to each other before dozing off.

Web Design & Development

We develop your website fast! Once we have an agreement with our customers, it doesn’t take us long to build your site. As long as we have your domain or access to it, we can build a website to show you. You Go Boy Marketing takes full responsibility for the design for your website. We even write the content for you once we know a little about you.

We do encourage our customers to provide us with photos and send us what they can. The more information we get, the better.


Pretty in Pink Affair

 & Development

Hello and welcome to the online home of Pretty In Pink Affair, the exclusive
online resource for cancer survivors. If you are struggling with cancer and are
working to take your life back from this terrible disease, Pretty in Pink Affair can



Cancer Sucks!

**** SPECIAL EVENTS**** *Ladies That Rock Pink Hats and Heels for a cause while looking Sassy

Pretty in Pink Affair

Women wearing pink tops and ribbons for breast cancer.
We hold a wide range of cancer awareness events designed to help women in business who have been diagnosed with cancer and their true potential and succeed in every aspect of their personal and professional lives.

The Black Heels Club for Cancer Survivors. 

Meet Ci Ci Berardi

Get Started Building Your Business.

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what Ci Ci Berardi say:

Do you sometimes have the feeling that you’re running into the same obstacles over and over again? Many of my conflicts have the same feel to them, like “Hey, I think I’ve been here before,

20 Dollar Outlet Coming Soon!

I am CiCi Berardi, a true leader who not only has come from zero experience to success, but is still achieving success. My entrepreneurial career spans over 36 years in several successful businesses. I also have been involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Yavapai County since 2005.


You Go Boy Marketing

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Our Dreams

There are number of instructions to be followed at the time of joining our team.

Share What You Know

Sharing what you know is very important, I know so many people that have learned from someone just like you!

Create A New Life You Love

Live your life and forget about what others may say that is one of the hindrances of true
l i f est y l e. Create a new life you love.

cici berardi


Knowledge Leadership Strategy

Do You Know Your Customers?

Knowing you clients has become very complex over the past ten years. Reach out to your clients monthly to get to know them.


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