Cita Cita Radio

Cita Cita Radio is a great way to start sharing positive conversations with people that have different point of views. I pride myself in knowing that our guests are all knowledgeable about our positive vibes, Cita Cita Radio goals are to keep conversations clean. Our guests can even call in on conversations to give their opinion. My staff and I are working hard to share news in the most positive setting as possible.

With so many other podcast that share the same news as Cita Cita Radio, Our vibes are all about bringing people together. I’m on the air every Sunday @ 4pm for the lastest hot topics, and Friday @ 4pm for all your old school jams on, or citacitaradio,com

Prescott Diamond Retreat

Whether you’re planning to get out the heat, or just want to have fun connecting with other professionals. Book your next getaway here in Prescott Arizona where peace is natural.

Weekend Summer Getaway, many girls enjoy tapping into their feminine nature.

So we setup a spa-night theme to give each other facials, paint each other’s nails, or style your hair together.

To make this more fun, you can also get busy by working on a project together. Consider making your own autographed pillowcases—that way everyone can take it home when the sleepover is over as a memory.

Use a small video camera to make a homemade movie of all your memories throughout the night, or write and film a unique one all on your own.